2pcs/lot, bga reballing tool Vacuum suction pen FFQ939,bga sucker

Categories : Welding

Particle Size : 1-10μm

Model Number : FFQ939

2pcs/lot, bga reballing tool Vacuum suction pen FFQ939,bga sucker  

Customer Reviews


Before St. Petersburg the parcel was about a month. Came two holders: one serviceable, but more than 5 seconds does not hold. The second with a torn rubber band inside, is not suitable at all. Opened a dispute, Ali returned half the money. The holder device is very simple, as seen in the photo. In order for it to work normally you need to finish it: you need to seal the joint of the needle and plastic spout, for example glue. Then everything will work for Hurray

Good product, now I must put it into practice

Fast response , and good service! i will buy again!

For such money you can take 2 pieces. In one of the packages was not a small sucker, well, there is nothing. But in the second complete set.

If it's as I expected

Thank You

The smaller suction cups than I expected. I guess I'll put the diameter somewhere but I haven't seen it.

Suction not great but hey, it's better than nothing for its mini price, does the job

Thank you

Everything perfect

Slow delivery to be expected in the currant situation.

The order was forty days from the date of payment, one has a pair of dents, but it did not lead to working qualities

Pas Mal

I ordered one sucker. The seller was very generous. Put another one. In connection with which I recommend this seller!!!

Quality is low but they work

it's a cheap BGA chip picker. With short time the rubber will get hard and fail to pick the BGAs

Normal for their money, keep not long but you can adapt.

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