PortaPack console For HackRF One 1MHz-6GHz SDR receiver and transfer AM FM SSB ADS-B SSTV Ham radio

Categories : Demo board

Brand Name : Elonwood

Accessory Type : LCD Screen

Compatible With : HackRF One

2019 Latest PORTAPACK For HACKRF ONE SDR + 0.5ppm TCXO + 3.2 inch LCD Note: PortaPack does not include a HackRF One and the meta case .only Portapack Need to flash the firmware from the below link before using : https://github.com/sharebrained/portapack-hackrf/releases more information you can go to this web: https://github.com/sharebrained/portapack-hackrf https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=PORTAPACK How to flash the firmware 1,Confirm your hackrf flash firmware is the version of 2017.02.1. 2. Confirm that the hackrf CPLD is version 2017.02.1 https://github.com/mossmann/hackrf/releases/tag/v2017.02.1 https://github.com/mossmann/hackrf/wiki/Updating-Firmware Step 2: Updating the CPLD 3. flash portapack official latest firmware https://github.com/sharebrained/portapack-hackrf/releases 4. Install portapack in the off state without touching any circuit other than the ground. 4. Power on According to source code: github.com/sharebrained/portapack-hackrf Redesign this hardware and share it to the enthusiast. Progress of work: 1. has completed the program validation prototype. 2. the latest 2017.5 month documents are based on improvements. Hardware configuration: 1.TFT 240*320 screen,3.2 inch touch LCD 2. navigation switch 3. audio output 4. microphone input 5.DC2.1 interface 6.4 layer gold plate 7.ROSH process (exported to Europe and America) The latest version is updated with the latest documents in 2017.5 month Add a PortaPack to your HackRF One software-defined radio, and leave your laptop behind! The PortaPack attaches to your HackRF and adds a touchscreen LCD, navigation controls, headphone jack, real-time clock, micro SD card slot, Just add a USB battery, and you're ready to explore radio spectrum wherever you are. The PortaPack firmware runs on the fast ARM processors in your HackRF. No computer is necessary (except for reprogramming firmware). SPECIFICATIONS 3.2 inch, 240 x 320 RGB LCD with resistive touch panel. Four-way arrow keys, rotary jog wheel, and select button. Coin battery for preserving settings and date/time. Micro SD card slot for data and code storage Some features demonstrated in 2016 February 22 firmware video: SSB, AM, narrowband FM, wideband FM audio reception, with spectrum waterfall. Wideband (18MHz) spectrum analysis and waterfall. Monitoring of boat (AIS), automobile (TPMS), and utility meter transponders (ITRON ERT). HackRF mode runs HackRF firmware for use with host computer SDR software. PPM calibration for more accurate tuning. Sleep mode saves power by turning off just the display. You may also find the Furrtek HAVOC firmware very interesting! Some assembly is required. . Your HackRF will continue to function with computer-based SDR software, when you put the PortaPack into "HackRF Mode". PortaPack is compatible only with the HackRF One. It is not compatible with the earlier HackRF Jawbreaker design. If you have an RF shield installed on your HackRF, the PortaPack should fit just fine. Compatibility with the HackRF Blue is experimental. One Blue owner has reported good results with minor mechanical interference between the PortaPack audio capacitors and the baseband header. If your HackRF Blue does not have a baseband header installed, you should have no mechanical problems. PortaPack requires an external battery. Any USB-connected battery should work, though they vary widely in quality and poorly-designed batteries may inject voltage regulator noise into the radio.

Customer Reviews



This is without touchscreen and battery

Received the parcel very quickly. Portapak did not work at first. The seller sent out the firmware update for my hackef one. And everything worked)))

very good

After the firmware, everything earned, but until the touch screen earned. You only have to use the joystick

No touchscreen, I asked him to remove “touch” from description and he said that he did it (2 weeks ago, maybe more), check the description, probably is the same now :-)


Everything is on top. I recommend.

Everything works.

Stitched the last havocom. A lot of possibilities compared to the official firmware. While you like everything. Packaging and delivery-excellent.

Now i got a portapack and hackrf. Test them with signals from fleetsatcom and inmarsat satellites. Works fine, thank you very much!

Received broken. got 50% off. scam.

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