wholesale Diamond Abrasive Paste Needle Tube Grinding Polishing Lapping Compound W0.5-W40

Categories : Abrasives

Brand Name : BeiSanJi Tool

DIY Supplies : Metalworking

is_customized : Yes

Size : W0.5-W40

Usage : Metal glass stone moulds etc

Model Number : BSJ

Abrasive Grain Sizes : Other

Material : Diamond Paste

Polishing Tools : Polishing Paste

Lapping Paste : Abrasive Tools

  Feature: Suitable for jade, clocks and watches, lighters, jewelry, metal, jewelry, such as high precision polishing. In light of different roughness of the surface of the workpiece, the use of different polishing paste particle number W0.5 is the finest . W40 is the most thick from coarse to fine respectively can be used for grinding, fine grinding, polishing, fine buffing, finally can be a mirror effect. W40#320   coarse grinding and polishing W28#400   Ordinary polishing W20#600   Ordinary polishing W14#800   Ordinary polishing W10#1000 Ordinary polishing W7#1500   Fine polishing W5#2000   Fine polishing W3.5#3000 Fine polishing W2.5#4000  Fine polishing W1.5# 6000 mirror polishing W1.0# 8000 mirror polishing W0.5#10000 mirror polishing   Instructions: Use a small amount of paste evenly on the items that need to be polished Polishing with staple fiber tools such as wool or soft cloth wheels After polishing, can use kerosene/gasoline/cleaner for cleaning Note: It should not be too much to apply a paste at one time. It is strictly forbidden to mix different sizes of paste Products with unique characteristics, low consumption, strong cutting force, the light fast and good finish.   RM19293611572987932

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