Deluxe Erase World Travel Map Scratch Off For 82.5x59.4cm Room Home Office Decoration Wall Stickers

Categories : Maps

Size : 82.5x59.4 cm

Model Number : world travel map

Censor Code : world travel map

Type : Map

Size : 82.5x59.4 cm

It's just like its name, it's luxurious in style, and it has all the excellent features of ordinary scraping maps.But slightly larger and with more complex details and more style. The black background and copper foil cover make it look more fashionable on any wall. The scratch map luxury edition offers incredibly complex geographic details, such as the land to sea connection.Let you experience a more complete view of the world on the map. On the outside of this high-quality scratchable map is a gold-plated sheet.With a flick of a coin, a new world emerges. Exquisite small round packaging, so that you are creative whether for your own use or to send people. Actual map size: 82.5 * 59.5cmSingle cylinder size: 62 * 5.5cmSingle weight: 0.266kg

Customer Reviews

Looks very good and quality is also very good. Ccame in firm tubs untouched. Thank you I am very satisfied and recommend it. it smell little bit probably by technology of fabrication. After a few days it is gone. Full 8 weeks of travel time

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