Chinese Copybook For Calligraphy Books Kids Word Children's Book Handwriting Children writing Learning hanzi Practice

Categories : Books

Age : Ages 5-8 Years Old

Language : Chinese (Simplified)

Condition : New

Publication Year : 2010-Now

Format : Hardcover

Binding : Ring/Wire Bound

For people : Student child Kids

Gifts : pen *2+ refill*12 +pen holder *2

User : Child kid student

Types of : Chinese copybook for children

style 1 : 14 Day Pen Control Training

Style 2 : libros

Style 3 : libros para colorear

Style 4 : coloring book for children

2020 Writing Chinese Calligraphy Copybook For Adult Children Exercises Calligraphy Practice Word Book libros BeginnersThis product is suitable for beginners who practice Chinese characters. It is mainly aimed at holding the pen and the movements. Feature: Name: 14 Chinese writing exercises Font: Chinese Specification: 185mm * 206mm Gifts: pen * 2 + refill * 12 + pen holder * 2 We will protect your merchandise so you don't have to worry about your merchandise.

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