300gms any pen can write,stamp,distribution card, point loyal card?record non fading, business card

Categories : Printing Products

Brand Name : YIHANG

Size : 90X54

Our email: [email protected]: 90X54MM/300GMS Can be written with any pen, stamped, easy to use without fading. Point cards are often used in shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, entertainment, catering, and service industries. The point card service is a business service model. Customers can enjoy a certain discount each time they accumulate a certain percentage of points according to the amount of consumption. When the points accumulate to a certain amount, they can redeem a designated gift or redeem a shopping voucher in proportion. Wait. The business effect of the point card service is to attract new customers and retain old customers. Question: how can I send documents to us? Answer: it can be sent to our email with your name or order number of ALIexpress mail for our convenience

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