GT4445 Vintage Men Women Anti blue light luxury design fashion Glasses for Eyeglasses Blue Ray Goggles lentes hombre/mujer

Categories : Eyewear

Lenses Material : Plastic

Gender : Unisex

Model Number : GD3351

Lens Width : 50MM

Lens Height : 42MM

Frame Material : Plastic

Harm and Protection of Blue LightWhat harm does blue light do? Blue light can directly penetrate the lens and reach the retina of the fundus. The damage to the sunny eye is 10 times that of ordinary light. It exists in a large number of computer monitors, fluorescent lights, mobile phones, digital products, display screens, LED, notebooks and other light, as well as sunlight lamps (fluorescent lights, rainbow lights, LED lights, stage spotlights, etc.) everywhere hidden in its shadow. Anti-blue glasses can effectively reduce the persistent damage of blue light to the eyes. Through the comparative detection of portable spectral analyzer, the intensity of blue light emitted by mobile phone screen has been effectively suppressed after using anti-blue glasses, and the harm of harmful blue light to the eyes has been reduced. Anti-blue glasses mainly reflect harmful blue light by coating on the surface of lenses, or absorb harmful blue light by adding anti-blue factor into the base material of lenses, thus achieving the barrier to harmful blue light and protecting eyes.

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